Kids Stuff

St. Andrew's United Methodist Church is a very good place to raise your children so that they will grow up and become a positive force in the world. In addition to the regular programs described below, we have special events, such as our October Fest and annual Winter Retreat, to keep the kids interested, entertained and educated in the context of a Christian fellowship.

Christian Education - Sunday School

Education classes for youth are held concurrent with our worship service. The kids take part in the first part of worship, then adjourn to classes based on age. Curricula are age-relevant.
During the worship services, child care is available for the youngest.
School-age kids have their place in the service; at an appropriate time they then move to Sunday School classes, with curricula relevant to their age group.

Parents Night Out

Usually the third Saturday evening of each month, the kids gather at the Church and give their folks a night off. Food, fun and fellowship are what happens there. They have a good time!

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